Release Notes

Latest Application changes, updates, bug fixes and new features.
This is a basic list of of the main updates to keep everyone informed. We appreciate all feedback, comments and suggestions however small and obvious, just let us know at [email protected] or via the live chat on


  • Added ability for integrations to open an approval and select a specific approval group
  • Other minor bug fixes

18 April 2020

  • Major Security Updates (with breaking changes, client library update required)
  • UI Updates
  • Annotation Tool Updates

07 August 2019

  • Security Updates

26 June 2019

  • Added Notes/Comments Export for PDF and Image Approvals to Annotation Tool
  • Added Notes/Comments Export for PDF and Image Approvals to API

07 April 2019

  • Fixed encoding issue on selected notes
  • Updated Web content
  • Updated note list on collapsed right nav in viewer
  • Security Updates

05 April 2019

  • Fixed password fields on activation page

19 March 2019

  • File processing status available on callback, 'ApprovalVersion.Update' callback has a Processed flag property
  • Annotation tool will show processing message until file has processed (usually seen via integration)
  • If user there is only 1 approval groups this now shows a label (multiple will show a selection)
  • When clicking a time-code marker, the note will be selected with the connected line.
  • Fixed the "Next Marker" button on video, will now go to the next marker/annotation.
  • Fixed issue where annotation tools gets stuck on initialising communication
  • Button for adding notes is more prominent/obvious and reads "+ Add Note"
  • Video time-code markers now show the users name who added the note.
  • Users Avatar and Annotation colour will now be set to the same random colour.
  • Fixed issue with loading of video comments.
  • Fixed issue where annotations sometimes show behind image.
  • Fixed issue with password reset.

28 Feb 2019

  • API and UI updated to set Enabled and Readonly on Approval Groups (Client library also updated)
  • If an approval has multiple approval groups, the annotation tool will select the first group based on group association, enabled and readonly properties. (used if integrating and running a squential/phased approcal cycle)
  • Other minor Approval tool fixes
  • Due date fixed on Approval groups

13 Feb 2019

  • API Updates
  • Updated visiblity on group association in viewer (will only show user associated groups)

07 Feb 2019

  • Fixed various UI issues
  • Fixed deletion of approvals

06 Feb 2019

  • Fixed result id when adding approval groups via the API
  • Fixed Dashboard links
  • Updated Approval List filtering
  • Added overall status to list and details page
  • Fixed API issue when creating multiple approval groups wiht no users added

05 Feb 2019

  • Fixed approver names on approvals list
  • Fixed overall Status on approvals list
  • Fixed links on dashboard to approval list (but need to add filtering)
  • Various bug fixes

03 Feb 2019

  • Fixed approval list page not showing all items on certain conditions.
  • Fixed page number and video length display for specific file types on approval list
  • Fixed issues with Annotation Note/Comments filtering
  • Switching pages via Notes selection is much more stable

31st Jan 2019

  • All notes for all pages will now show by default, so users can click directly to a note on any page
  • Note/Comment filtering has been added so search for notes, show notes for all pages or the selected page and to sort the notes by last added (default) or by page