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POST https://api.mediamarkup.com/api/v1/Approvals/CreatePersonalUrl

Creates a secure personal url for the specified userId and approval/comparison id and versions. PersonalUrls are time limited and must be created immediately before redirecting a user. The PersonalUrl will authenticat the user and redirect them to the annotation tool. If the uesr is not authorized, the authentication url will redirect the user to a login page or the RedirectUrl configured, with the following redir url parameters; NotAuthenticated - User/Tenant/Authenticatiuon token is not valid or authenticated AuthenticationExpired - if the expiry date within the validation token has expired. UserLoggedOut - User logged out via the Logout button

Request Body




{ "userId": "string", "approvalId": "string", "version": 0, "compareApprovalId": "string", "compareVersion": 0, "observer": true }

{  "url": "string",  "hasErrors": true,  "messages": ["string" ]}

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