The MediaMarkup REST API enables integration with 3rd party applications. The annotation can be used with or without the MediaMarkup admin/login interface, this means 3rd party tools can integrate the markup & approval tools within their own approval workflow, production tracking and status rules. Various endpoints for authentication, adding/updating users, adding/updating file approvals and creating Personal Urls for authenticating users to use the online approval tool. In addition to the API calls, webhooks (or callbacks) can be implemented to get information about various events within the MediaMarkup application, see:

The API is a REST based, which means is entirely HTTP-based and therefore can work with any system, programming language or application that is able to send HTTP requests. Click here for available client libraries:


The base url for API connectivity is:

API Explorer

The list of API endpoints and manual/interactive testing can be done at:

Case Study

Here is a link to a case study on how MediaMarkup has been integrated with an Ad Production system:

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